Back from the Crossroads – 24 Hour Theatre

This past weekend we did something called 24 Hour Theatre Collective and below is the script that I wrote. It’s about the Devil… kinda… actually, it’s not really about the Devil, it’s about life decisions we make and how they affect others, but they do talk about the Devil a lot. I’ll let you sort out the deeper meanings and symbolism for yourself.

The 24 Theatre Collective, in case you don’t know, is a theatre event that I put together this past year (we’ve done it twice now and each time has been fun enough to want to do it again.) A group of us gather on Friday night after our improv shows, get some suggestions for short plays, go off and write them, then rehearse and produce them by Saturday night. We don’t actually start until around midnight or so, and the plays are up in front of an audience by 7:30, so it’s actually more like 19 1/2 hour theatre… but that’s not as catchy.

More explanation and/or rant on 24 Hour Theatre will be included/linked on this post a little later. Just wanted to get my play up here today.

The suggestion that I got was the song “Swingtown” by the Steve Miller Band. Sometimes a suggestion will be used straightforward, sometimes (like this time) it’ll only be used tangentially. See if you can figure out how I used the suggestion. (it might be fun to listen to the song before, after or while reading the play.)

“Back from the Crossroads”


Photo from January 2015 – 24 Hour Theatre Collective; Meghan McSweeney and Lee Kerwin.


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