This is a short monologue/story from a musical I wrote called “DreamBound”.

“But, Mike!” you say, “Where’s the rest of this “DreamBound” play you keep talking about. Well, a couple of things; first off it’s a little more complicated to put a musical up here then other pieces. Secondly, the script of “DreamBound” is in need of some revisions. Thirdly, “DreamBound” is a weirdly personal piece which makes me hesitate only because I want it to be presented right. Finally… there are potentially larger plans for “DreamBound” that strangely involve the band OkGo… don’t get too excited, but it does involve them directly.

Anyway, the whole production of “Dreambound” will be up here sooner or later. In the meantime, enjoy this short story from the production. The story stands on it’s own. There’s a character in “DreamBound” who’s listed in the script as “The Storyteller” and he… well, he tells stories. This is one of them. A simple one about a boy and his robot.



From the 2008 Venture Theatre production of “DreamBound”


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