Sleep Tips, with just a dash of racism.

Years back I saw an infomercial with my pal Matt Sloan.  It was for Dr. Sobakowa’s Sleep Pillow.  The pillow was filled with buckwheat husks, which were apparently more comfortable (?)  Also offered in the commercial were “Doctor Sobakowa’s Sleep Tips”.

It was late, we were most likely drinking, either way laughed ourselves into fits of drooling going over what could possibly be on the list of “Sleep Tips”.  A couple years later, I worked something up for a stand-up routine that included some of the sleep tips we came up with that night.  A couple more years later, I wrote them up into a monologue for a sketch comedy show.  And, now I give it to you.

An additional note.  Part of what makes the piece funny (to me anyway) is Doctor Sobakowa’s accent.  I don’t recall if you ever heard him on the original commercial, but the character we developed sure has an accent.  Is this racist?  Well… kinda… but also, not (?).   The defense of it is that we’re not making fun of a race of people… we’re making fun of one guy.   Dr. Sobakowa.

The other thought is that being polite is deadly to comedy.  Most, if not all, comedy offends someone somewhere.  So, fuck being polite.  Be funny.

Here it is:  Sobakowa


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