“So Simple” Song from “DreamBound”

This is another song from “DreamBound” Lyrics by me, music and singing by Jon Roberts.  Jon, as usual, does an amazing job. This is the demo version, and due to some miscommunication, rewrite or something he does one of the lyrics different from the final performed version. It should be “wishes are always free” not “wishes are always happy.” I guess it fits either way, but “free” fits the rhythm better.

Here are the lyrics if you want to follow along;

Blow a star right out of the sky

And grant yourself a wish

Dreams come true so much easier than

If life were simple like this.

A wish is a promise you give to yourself

And wishes are always free

I wished for you and you wished for this

It’s so simple. Can’t you see?

The sky is full of a thousand lights

A thousand wishes to keep

I count them all, then count them again

Dream all night, never sleep.

The stars they hold every wish

Blow them out and you’ll see.

A falling star… falling.

Is one wish meant for me?

Climb to the highest hill in the land

Pick out it’s highest tree

Reach for the sky as hard as you can

It’s so simple. Can’t you see?


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