Stand-up bit. “Fleshlight”

This is a stand-up routine/bit (I don’t know what you call this… maybe just story…. yeah, that’s it.) story that I’ve done a couple of times. It talks about the sex as well as drugs, so it probably shouldn’t be read by kids, or by anyone who hopes to continue having some level of respect for me.

Fleshlight Bit


1 thought on “Stand-up bit. “Fleshlight””

  1. Please tell me that you get howling laughter when you tell this story. This is awkward perfection at it’s finest.

    I used to sell sex toys and so I too have a slew of funny tales, but this by far beats them all!

    So glad you shared this. I’ve been so curious about what this story was about since you posted on FB about it awhile back.

    Thanks for making me stifle riotous laughter and wipe away tears at work. 🙂


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