First full length play

Lustful Youth  This is the first full length play that I ever finished and had produced.  I originally wrote it way back in 1992, which is a Long time ago!  It’s undergone many revisions and edits and at one point was completely torn apart (figuratively) and I rewrote the whole re-imagined thing by hand.

I’m proud of the lunacy and chaos that this one brings to the stage with an amazing amount of physical comedy and word play.   It’s got everything; Pirates turned plumbers, Aliens who are REO Speedwagon fans, Evil twins, sex changes….. the list goes on.

I’m also proud to say that every time this one’s been produced by the end of the run the theatres it was produced in had to add extra seats because it always sells out by the end of the run.   That should be the line I use to get you to produce this play; It always sells out.

It’s also currently my only internationally produced piece, having received a production in British Columbia, Canada and is currently in development in Perth, Australia.



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