250 Improv: React Like a Human

There’s a lot of pressure to “be funny” when doing improv. Especially if you’re performing on a stage, with lights and a paying audience. People paid real money to see some funny, so you’d better be funny. That’s a lot of pressure.   Unfortunately, this pressure makes us not act like normal humans. The term … Read more


Key 2 Comedy: Relatability

Been having a rough week technology-wise, so limited updates recently. But, the good news is the troubles I’ve been having are because of the improvements happening to my website and computer. So, soon things will be back to normal… nay! Better than normal! Meantime, enjoy:  



One of the best things about being a writer is quoting yourself. If done right, and people recognize it as a some sort of quote but don’t know it was you who originated it, you’ll seem brilliant. You can’t quote it wrong because you wrote it. If anything you just did a quick re-edit of … Read more


Bad Stories for Bad Children

I’ve got a handful of weird stories about bad/weird kids who end up having terrible things happen to them.  A lot of them are eaten or otherwise disfigured.  The plan is to put them into a collection of stories called “Bad Stories for Bad Children”, which is a catchy title, but not as accurate as … Read more


Mr. Koon

This is a short story monologue sort of thing I wrote after watching a R. Crumb documentary and reading a little too much Hunter S. Thompson.   It’s a voice unlike any I’ve used before or since, and it makes me laugh.    It’s basically a long monologue, with a cantankerous narrator, but it has … Read more


Funny spooky story time

One Halloween I got hired to be an old-timey “storyteller” for a place called Heritage Hill, it’s a historical re-enactment place.  They’ve got historical Wisconsin buildings from the  1700’s on.   Check them here:  http://www.heritagehillgb.org/ Anyway, I ended up sketching this story out then told it almost 40 times over the course of a weekend, … Read more


First full length play

Lustful Youth  This is the first full length play that I ever finished and had produced.  I originally wrote it way back in 1992, which is a Long time ago!  It’s undergone many revisions and edits and at one point was completely torn apart (figuratively) and I rewrote the whole re-imagined thing by hand. I’m proud … Read more