Let’s try a different Novel

Hello Friends.   So, a little while back I made a weak stab at the “Write a Novel in a Month” thing for the month of November. I made it two and a half days in… like I said.. weak stab.

The main problem was the start.  It’s like stumbling on the starting blocks, really the race is done right there.  So.  I shelved it.  I’m going to let it marinate and see if I can figure out the story a little more.

However!  Fear not!  Shelving the novel “Cupid” reminded me that I had, about 6 years ago, shelved a different novel called “Orson” that I’d gotten pretty far into.  So, for you 10’s of readers out there who need more… I give you “Orson”  (I’m 90% sure the title is going to change.)




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