The Liar a play for Colleges and High Schools

The Liar  This is a play I was commissioned to write for the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay Theatre department.  It’s got a big cast because that’s what college theaters want.  It’s based loosely on an old Comedia del Arte play of the same name.  It’s also got a lot of mix-up identities, goofy romance, fun word … Read more


Mr. Koon

This is a short story monologue sort of thing I wrote after watching a R. Crumb documentary and reading a little too much Hunter S. Thompson.   It’s a voice unlike any I’ve used before or since, and it makes me laugh.    It’s basically a long monologue, with a cantankerous narrator, but it has … Read more


Funny spooky story time

One Halloween I got hired to be an old-timey “storyteller” for a place called Heritage Hill, it’s a historical re-enactment place.  They’ve got historical Wisconsin buildings from the  1700’s on.   Check them here: Anyway, I ended up sketching this story out then told it almost 40 times over the course of a weekend, … Read more


First full length play

Lustful Youth  This is the first full length play that I ever finished and had produced.  I originally wrote it way back in 1992, which is a Long time ago!  It’s undergone many revisions and edits and at one point was completely torn apart (figuratively) and I rewrote the whole re-imagined thing by hand. I’m proud … Read more